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Summer 2011

Some pictures from last summer. As you can see I'm not the fastest guy to edit & publish pictures.

Dead Wasp Wallpaper + Updated Gallery

Two things. I've upgraded my blog to use the NextGEN Gallery plugin. This makes browsing through the pics a breeze. Note that this won't affect older posts, they'll still suck. But starting from this post things are getting better. Below you'll find a new wallpaper I did. The picture is taken on my back yard after heavy rain. This wasp had curled inside a crocs shoe for cover but had still perished. It looked so sad that I decided to take a picture of the thing and edit it a little bit. I changed the crocs from puprle to gray to pop out the wasp. I also used Lightroom's magic brush functionality to boost the brightness of the bee and fade out the background. This was a very quick'n'dirty sort of deal and I'm sure using real Photoshop I could have gotten a better result. But I don't have Photoshop and I LOVE Lightroom so this will have to do.


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Walk in the Park II

We went to the same park again and I took some pictures. I took shots of flies and a spider. Oh and there is one "drop of water on a leaf" shot that is as big a cliché as I am.

Walk in the park

I went for a little walk into the park with my family the other day and took some macro shots with my EF-S 60mm. I've got one photo of some sort of beetle that I do not recognize, one picture of a fly and a couple of shots of a hoverfly. Enjoy! All images are slightly edited in Lightroom. The most heavily manipulated is the fly shot. The fly is black so it did not reflect as much light back from the flash as the surroundings. I used the tone curves in Lightroom to tone down the yellow flower and lighten the dark fly. The details of the fly are more evident after this tweak. The rest of the pictures have basic after editing done to them: cropping, some exposure and color tuning and that's it.