The Power of Lightroom

A sucker-punch blog post out of nowhere after more than one year on hiatus! You did not, could not, would not predict this now did you!?! In my first post since taking a break I wanted to provide an example of what is possible with Lightroom 5. I took a picture of my Nissan 350Z in an underground garage with the iPhone 5S. The lighting was not optimal and the sensor of the 5S generates quite a lot of noise under low light. So I wanted to ┬ásee how far I could push the image if I went ahead and imported it to LR5. Below you can see three images. The first image is the unedited image from the iPhone 5S. The second picture is edited in LR5. For the third picture I decided to add some text using Inkscape and also crop the image more than I already had in the second version. 350Z Original 350Z Edited 350Z Edited, Cropped & Text           Quite a big improvement even if I say so myself! I think I like the floor of the unedited version more though - I think LR5 noise reduction lessened the grittiness of the floor somewhat but since this is just me fooling around and not a multi-million dollar photoshoot I'll let this one slide.

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