Sony Alpha NEX-C3

My friend Hannu brought me a Sony Alpha NEX-C3 from Taiwan so naturally I had to test it. He was kind enough to get two lenses (16mm and 18-55mm), an SD-card and an extra battery too. Super! (and let's not forget the cleaning kit!) I also bought the Sony VCL-ECU1 ultra wide converter that is used with the 16mm lens. Because the NEX-C3 has an APS-C sensor, there is a crop factor to take into consideration. The 16mm lens has a 24mm full frame equivalent focal length and with the ultra wide converter it is 18mm. Most of the shots are taken using the 16mm + ultra wide converter but a few were also taken with the 18-55mm. Overall I'd say that the NEX-C3 is a pretty nice little camera but cannot match my EOS500D + good lenses. Main constraint is the size of the optics compared to the optics used with DSLRs. That said there are some nice features such as the twilight hand held mode, which needs to be implemented on mobile phone cameras right now (Nokia, Apple, Samsung or who ever: do it!). The NEX-C3 eats standard point and shoot cameras for breakfast and is also better than micro 4:3 cameras due to the superior APS-C sensor. With the 16mm lens it is very small and light and not a chore to carry around at all. This is exactly the reason why I got this camera: for situations where I want to take pictures but don't care to lug around my EOS500D.

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