Dead Wasp Wallpaper + Updated Gallery

Two things. I've upgraded my blog to use the NextGEN Gallery plugin. This makes browsing through the pics a breeze. Note that this won't affect older posts, they'll still suck. But starting from this post things are getting better. Below you'll find a new wallpaper I did. The picture is taken on my back yard after heavy rain. This wasp had curled inside a crocs shoe for cover but had still perished. It looked so sad that I decided to take a picture of the thing and edit it a little bit. I changed the crocs from puprle to gray to pop out the wasp. I also used Lightroom's magic brush functionality to boost the brightness of the bee and fade out the background. This was a very quick'n'dirty sort of deal and I'm sure using real Photoshop I could have gotten a better result. But I don't have Photoshop and I LOVE Lightroom so this will have to do.


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